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    Tiki Flash complete kid or SUP rig

    Tiki Flash complete kid or SUP rig

    Our junior monofilm set Flash is developed for the first steps in windsurfing. Made out of high-quality monofilm with 2/3 battens. The set includes a vario alloy mast and an easy to mount boom (Tiki Boxer). Classic uphaul, rope set, and an adapter to fit on a 48mm base comes with the package. The set is light, easy to pack and rig.

    Available sizes: 2.0 m2 / 3.0 m2

    Price: 229.00 € - 245.00 €

    Tiki Trainer complete rig

    Tiki Trainer complete rig

    Our Dacron Trainer V2 set is specifically designed for beginner windsurfers and windsurf schools

    Available sizes: 5.0 m2 / 5.5 m2

    Price: 390.00 €