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    STX mini kid rig

    STX mini kid rig

    2 pieces mast, 2 batten sail, soft grip boom, uphaul rope. The boom is adjustable. To use it with a windsurf board, you will need a simple mast adapter.

    Available sizes: 3.0 m2

    Price: 209.00 € - 229.00 €

    STX W-Sails Power HD rig

    STX W-Sails Power HD rig

    Full Dacron rigs with an viny window, these rigs are made too last. Made out of Dacron sail cloth material which is long lasting and durable in combination with a two piece epoxy mast and a easymount boom.

    Available sizes: 1.5 m2 / 2.0 m2

    Original Price: 359.00 €

    Price: 210.00 € - 249.00 €