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          NeilPryde Combat 2020

          NeilPryde Combat 2020

          The legendary Combat stands out as the sail of choice for any wave sailing conditions. No matter which spot, from side-offshore winds and perfect peeling waves, to huge onshore white waters, the Combat will never disappoint. Designed for dynamic and adventure-seeking sailors, the Combat delivers low-end power when you need it

          Available sizes: 4.7 m² / 5.0 m² / 5.3 m²

          Price: 779 € - 799 €

          Neilpryde Ryde 2020

          Neilpryde Ryde 2020

          Easy Ryders, get your tickets! The Ryde gives you all the highs of windsurfing without breaking your back, brain or bank account! The Ryde stands for the purest form of windsurfing, extremely easy and fast to rig, guaranteeing a smooth ride. Better still, it ?s a front row experience at a backseat price.

          Available sizes: 5.7 m² / 6.2 m² / 6.7 m² / 7.2 m² / 7.7 m² / 8.2 m²

          Price: 749 € - 799 €

          NeilPryde atlas 2020

          NeilPryde atlas 2020

          Back in the range, the Atlas offers a predictable, stable and friendly ride, ideal to use in on-shore wave conditions. Early to plane, the Atlas is up and ready to get into the action with efficient, usable power at all times.

          Available sizes: 5.4 m²

          Price: 749 € - 769 €

          NeilPryde X:Wave HD 2019

          NeilPryde X:Wave HD 2019

          The new X:Wave HD is based on the 2018 Combat design. Same great shape, slightly more power, better early planing and performance to suit all levels of rider and a wider variety of conditions.

          Available sizes: 4.7 m² / 5.3 m²

          Original Price: 679 € - 719 €

          Price: 500 € - 719 €

          NeilPryde wizard 2017

          NeilPryde wizard 2017

          The Wizard is the most accomplished freestyle sail there is, delivering explosive acceleration, direct drive and insane lift. This sail planes instantly and depowers on-demand providing silky smooth handling. Early planing, stability and a balanced feel during tricks are the key requirements for a freestyle sail and the Wizard has it all. Plenty of air and more pop than ever.

          Available sizes: 4.5 m² / 5.4 m²

          Original Price: 859 € - 889 €

          Price: 490 € - 510 €

          Neilpryde Wizard 2018

          Neilpryde Wizard 2018

          The Wizard is the most accomplished freestyle sail there is, working perfectly for every level, whether you are going for your first spocks or double power moves. Delivering explosive acceleration, direct drive and insane lift, the Wizard planes instantly while depowers on-demand providing silky smooth handling.

          Available sizes: 5.1 m²

          Original Price: 869 €

          Price: 590 €

          NeilPryde V8 2019

          NeilPryde V8 2019

          The V8 is a freerace sail that offers incredible acceleration with each gust as well as from non-planing conditions. True race sail performance combined with a narrower sleeve adding better water drainage. 7 battens and twin Integracams to achieve great handling and light feel. Extreme early planning, soft rotation, easier jibing, wide wind range, great upwind and top end control, the V8 has the extra power and drive needed to accelerate and go fast on high performance boards.

          Available sizes: 9.4 m²

          Original Price: 1 029 €

          Price: 715 €