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          RRD Style Pro MK7

          RRD Style Pro MK7

          After our most successful season yet we introduce the Style Pro MK7, our new pure freestyle sail. With Jacopo Testa powering to victory in the European Tour as well as standing on the podium of the PWA, the pedigree of the Style Pro is plain to see.

          Available sizes: 4.1 m² / 4.4 m² / 4.8 m² / 5.2 m²

          Original Price: 708.00 € - 739 000.00 €

          Price: 490.00 € - 515.00 €

          RRD X-TRA MK6

          RRD X-TRA MK6

          Easy handling, easy rigging and ease of use have always been the priority on the Xtra and the Mk6 takes this even further. We continue to vary the batten configuration to suit the size and style of the sail, with 4 battens in the 4.5 and 5.0, and 5 battens in the 5.5 and above.

          Available sizes: 7.0 m²

          Original Price: 674.00 €

          Price: 450.00 €

          RRD F-Wing MKI

          RRD F-Wing MKI

          Brand NEW for year 24 we introduce the F-Wing mk1. A twin cam powerhouse designed to be used for both foiling and fast freeriding.

          Available sizes: 6.0 m² / 6.6 m² / 7.2 m² / 8.4 m² / 9.0 m²

          Original Price: 940.00 € - 1 120.00 €

          Price: 490.00 € - 599.00 €

          RRD X-Wing MKI

          RRD X-Wing MKI

          For the first year in RRD sails history we introduce a full power PWA race winning sail. Absolutely zero compromises in making this sail 100% race ready and tuned for winning at the highest level. A wide sleeve, carbon battens, deep profile and performance that will blow you away.

          Available sizes: 7.0 m² / 7.8 m² / 8.6 m² / 9.2 m²

          Original Price: 1 042.00 € - 1 179.00 €

          Price: 550.00 € - 660.00 €

          RRD Firewing MK5

          RRD Firewing MK5

          A 3 cam blaster aimed at getting the maximum speeds possible with the minimum effort. Since its birth 5 years ago the Firewing has been about allowing everyone to reach his/her maximum speed potential. From blasting with your friends, setting records on the Namibia speed track and World Cup slaloms, the Firewing gives top level performance in an easy to use package.

          Available sizes: 8.6 m² / 9.2 m²

          Original Price: 954.00 € - 1 099.00 €

          Price: 450.00 € - 480.00 €

          RRD Wave Vogue MKIII

          RRD Wave Vogue MKIII

          Re-designed with the help of wave specialist John Skye, the new wave vogue has been refined in both outline, window designs and overall shape. The bullet proof construction of this heavy-duty surf sail is achieved through the use of 3 different type of top quality x-ply materials in different weights/strengts for different areas of the sail. No compromise with cost effective panel layouts, only pure performance and top notch design oriented choices.

          Available sizes: 4.5 m²

          Original Price: 436.00 €

          Price: 299.00 €