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    Unifiber allround T8 boom

    Unifiber allround T8 boom

    Using high quality T8 Aluminium 29mm diamter tubes these booms are ideal for any type of sailing. All models keep a traditional curve for everyday freesailing fun at an amazing price! The boomhead adapts both to RDM and SDM masts.

    Available sizes: 200-250 cm

    Price: 170 €

    Unifiber monocoque alu boom v-grip

    Unifiber monocoque alu boom v-grip

    The all-new V-grip tube profile brings aluminium boom construction to a whole new level of strength, comfort and performance. Replicating the natural shape under your fingers and palms, the V shape allows an efficient grip for longer sessions and adds considerable structural integrity, stiffness and direct sensation through the monocoque, T8 alloy frame.

    Available sizes: 180-230 cm / 200-250 cm

    Original Price: 289 € - 299 €

    Price: 269 € - 279 €