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          JP Magic Ride 2020

          JP Magic Ride 2020

          Since its dawn this line featured a magic combination of ease, stability and good performance. The second generation featured more life and agility. Now, the all-new 3rd generation is here! The shape adjustments make it significantly easier to control at speed and through the chop.
          Consequently, these boards ride smoother and gyb

          Available sizes: 99 liter / 109 liter / 119 liter / 129 liter / 139 liter / 149 liter

          Price: 1 949 €

          JP SuperRide 2019

          JP SuperRide 2019

          This new generation of freeride boards sits right between the Magic Ride and Super Sport. They provide a totally new windsurfing experience as they jump on the plane early, get seriously fast and at the same time are super comfortable and easy to ride.

          Available sizes: 132 liter

          Price: 1 490 €