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    NeilPryde Cortex 6/5 Hooded

    NeilPryde Cortex 6/5 Hooded

    This is our newly added suit to the range designed for performance at a very affordable price. It is made of extremely flexible and lightweight materials for the ultimate freedom of movement. The seams are glued and blind-stitched with insulation on the chest, back and upper legs for warmth.

    Available sizes: L / M / S / XL / XXL

    Price: 329.00 €

    NeilPryde Rise fullsuit 5/4/3  2019

    NeilPryde Rise fullsuit 5/4/3 2019

    The suit for a perfect balance of performance and warmth.?? It is our most popular model made of high stretch materials with partially taped seams. A light weight and quick dry thermal insulation covers the chest, back and legs for warmth and it also features expansion forearms for anti-cramping.

    Available sizes: S / XXL

    Price: 219.00 €